Travel Bug Conversational Language Classes
All our classes are currently being offered online using Zoom Video Communication.

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Travel Bug is offering Extensive


Language Classes in Spanish, French, Italian


If you have ever studied a language but still feel that it is difficult to speak, the "Pimsleur" approach supported by our experienced teachers will give you the confidence to actually have conversations. Unlike other classes ours are small, (minimum of four and a maximum of eight persons) and you will have plenty of opportunity to practice. Your homework will consist of listening to two recorded lessons each week and then come to class and put these lessons to the test.

Classes Materials Registration

I To register or ask your questions eMail us: You will be invoiced by eMail and the audio materials will be made available for pickup at Travel Bug. When this is all over you will have the choice of attending class in the store or continuing to access it remotely.
Thanks for giving this a try.

Cost for the 5 week series, including all materials, is $125 + tax.

The Pimsleur language instruction series (provided with class registration) which will provide the core of the material that you will be actively involved in speaking each week.. We also rent the recorded material for all class levels which is a great way to prepare for the succeeding class.

Classes will meet for 5, usually sequential, weeks in the Travel Bug or online. Each class lasts for approximately 1.25 hours. We will supply the beginning lessons with your payment so that you can begin preparing immediately. There are potentially 15 levels within each language. If we fail to register the minimum for your class we will try to reschedule or (at your option) your entire payment will be returned to you with the return of the recorded materials.

ps: All classes include a free latte or drink of your choice and lifetime access to the recorded materials for review.

Pimsleur Learning Principles
Graduated Interval Recall
Dr. Pimsleur’s research on memory was perhaps one of his most revolutionary achievements. He discovered that if learners were reminded of new words at gradually increasing intervals, each time they would remember longer than the time before. He documented the optimal spacing for information to move from short-term into long-term, or permanent, memory.    This theory is at the base of all the Pimsleur programs.

Principle of Anticipation
Our brains are hard-wired to automatically process speech and “anticipate” a correct response. It’s an intricate thought process that most of us take for granted. Dr. Pimsleur’s research demonstrated that new connections are activated whenever this dynamic system is triggered. By systematically asking for understanding, pausing for a response, and then reinforcing the correct response, Pimsleur courses accelerate learning, increase understanding, and activate new neural pathways in the learner’s brain.

Core Vocabulary
Effective communication in any language depends on mastery of a relatively limited number of words and structures. Trying to learn too much at once substantially slows the process, and many people quickly become discouraged. Pimsleur courses deliberately limit the amount you learn at any one time, giving your brain a chance to internalize each new item before moving on. Once this foundation is built, adding new words and phrases becomes easy and natural because there’s a clear framework to attach them to