GPS Overview

GARMIN (We are a full Garmin Dealer) has a bijillion units but we stock the ones that make the most sense to us. Rather than drown you with choices that aren't really that different we have selected units we use and believe in. Still we can get anything they make and our margin will be 20% for units we do not stock. Free Instruction, either group or private, comes with all the handheld units.

Garmin makes nautical, two way radio, dog tracking, bicycling, mortocycling, running and other specialty units. Check their website and give us a call.

Car Units.

We no longer stock car units.

Hiking Units

The "H" in the units stands for high sensitivey antennae and the"x" is for extended (chip based) memory.

vista hcx

eTrex Vista HCx: Top of the line in this body style. This is the one we use and sell the most. Comes without detail mapping nor memory chip. Can do everything the car unit can do except talk and no touch screen. Solid, waterproof, 2 AA batteries, has magnetic compass and barometric altimiter as well as all the gps technology. Unlimited memory for maps with Micro SD chips. The Vista HCx is still one of the most solid Garmin units. There are many newer units that are nice and loaded with features but they are pricey and really don't provide much more functionality that people actually use.

Venture hcx

eTrex Venture HCx Cheaper by about a $140 but has no compass, altimeter and has 24 Megs of fixed memory. A solid unit with enough functionality for most purposes.