General Slide Show Guidlines

  • We appreciate it if you keep the presentation time down to no more that an hour. Shorter is fine and there will always be time after to answer questions and talk with the audience. Usually the show starts as close to 5 pm as the coffee business allows.

  • The number of pictures you present is up to you and can vary greatly but a range of 75 - 200 is average. If your presentation involves special technology or if you want to use your own computer with our projector it is best to come in earlier than the presentation day and check things out.

  • We would also appreciate short description of your presentation. (Around 200 words) which we will include on the web site.

  • Unless you object we will occasionally run your slide show on the monitor behind our sales counter.

  • We would like to be able to give your contact information out to people who are interested in your presentation or your subject matter but will keep your information private if you request it. Anyway, thanks for offering to share your experiences!

    What we will do.

  • Our advertising consists of a schedule card that distrbute in our store , a small ad in the New Mexican that will run every day the week preceding the show and a large ad with a selected photo from your presentation that runs in the Sunday New Mexican.

  • We appreciate any advertising you might like to do beyond this as getting new people into the store for the first time is part of the slide show motivation. We can provide you with copies of our schedule cards if you wish.

  • We will try to call or email you twice before the show, once before we mail the schedule card and once before we place the newspaper ad. We often forget so please call us ASAP if something changes.

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