Calendar of Travel Bug Events

We present talks and/or slide shows on travel or geographically related subjects.
Most events are on Saturdays and take place in our store and are free
All begin at 5 PM unless otherwise noted and last for about an hour.
We attempt to have a presentation every other Saturday
Date Category Subject Presenter Description
Sat Jun 24 Slide Show Machu Picchu and Galapagos Stefan Merdler More than a century after it’s “discovery" by Hiram Bingham, Machu Pichu the archaeological treasure deep in the Peruvian jungle, continues to exert a euphoric spell over those lucky enough to visually experience it’s wonders. Words can hardly give justice to it’s incredible “in the sky” mountain location.

Engulfed almost daily by gossamer clouds, it reveals itself gradually until the sun prevails. Only then does one see the awe inspiring vistas in all directions, with stone staircases, ceremonial plazas, terraces and numerous temples. A creation of a truly gifted and talented Inca civilization that existed centuries ago.

At the other end of the outdoor spectrum are the Galapagos islands. For the most part sitting just a few feet above sea level, semi-arid and covered by thorny scrub. They are home to a diverse and extremely interesting mix of fauna. Their domain has been created by volcanic activity triggered by the collision between the earths crustal plates far below. Isolation of the fauna from the mainland over geological time allowed them to evolve unafraid of humans. This amazing happenstance allows relatively easy observation of their habits. Today, Galapagos for nature lovers and photographers is truly a paradise filled with opportunities.
Sat Jul 08 Slide Show Mustang Nepal Norman, Wilbur The Ancient Mustang Himalayan Kingdom of Lo
A Photo-Journey with Wilbur Norman

I trekked the north slope of the Himalaya to the 15th century capital of the Kingdom of Lo, Upper Mustang, Nepal in May and June 2017. The main purpose of the trip was to photograph the 3-day Tiji Festival commemorating the victory of Buddha 's incarnation Dorjee Sonnu, over the demon Man Tam Ru. The festival is composed of reenactment dances by Sakya sect lamas and monks in the courtyard of the Mustang royal palace. It was a special journey as I was hosted by the recently deceased king 's son, the former Crown Prince.

Mustang, Nepal (formerly named the Kingdom of Lo) is a Tibetan cultural region located in the Himalayas between the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri massifs. Upper Mustang, the northern area following the world 's deepest gorge, the Kali Gandaki River, was closed to outsiders until 1992. Since then this still restricted region has been open to a limited number of travelers on a permit basis. Each village on the route will remind the traveler of what it must have been like in the age of walled villages, narrow passageways and dark small-windowed rooms that echo the medieval world of our ancestors.

Join us at Travel Bug for an eye-opening view along this high and remote section of the Roof of the Wo
Sat Jul 22 Slide Show Outer Hebrides June Julian
The Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Rodrick MacLennan

Join us for a taste of the sights, sounds, archaeology and art of this magical place. At the last group of islands west of Scotland, with nothing between you and North America but the North Atlantic, is a place of wildness, ancient civilizations, and a people to take your heart. The Outer Hebrides are islands of more water than land. Here are the tops of ancient mountains, wonderful beaches, wildlife, birds, sea life, and legends. I could just go on and on, and I will.

Presented by:
Double Diamond Archaeology
Art Intendo
Sat Aug 12 Slide Show Japan: Hiroshima, and More Yasuyo Nugent "We 've been to Tokyo and Kyoto, and they were great. But where else can we visit in Japan?" - a common refrain of many travelers to Japan.

That 's a good question because there isn 't much information on many smaller cities and towns in Japan. Therefore, I 've picked Hiroshima as an interesting and important third place to visit. Why Hiroshima? Well, Hiroshima is a city with world historic significance, and I was born in Hiroshima Prefecture.

At this slide show, you 'll see the two World Heritage Sites in Hiroshima Prefecture: Peace Memorial Park and Itsukushima-Shrine, which is on Miyajima Island and famous for The Big Gate in the sea.
Then I 'll take you to a picturesque old seaport town which is easily accessible via public transportation. Surprisingly, this little town now provides an English map and the audio guide in foreign languages.

The presentation also includes information concerning popular local food as well as general Japanese cuisine, the buddhism pilgrimage to 88 temples on 700-mile circle you can experience in Shikoku (a large island located south of Hiroshima), and so on ... .

Furthermore, I 'm looking forward to having Q&As about trips to Japan. Please bring your questions!
Sat Aug 26 Slide Show Biking in Northen Portugal Judy Costlow