Calendar of Travel Bug Events

We present talks and/or slide shows on travel or geographically related subjects.
Most events are on Saturdays and take place in our store and are free
All begin at 5 PM unless otherwise noted and last for about an hour.
We attempt to have a presentation every other Saturday
Date Subject Presenter Description
Sat Jun 23 Hidden Andalusia Morgan Smith Small Town Life in Southern Spain. I first visited Spain in 1966, lived there from 1999 to 2004 and have made dozens of other trips. This presentation would focus on Andalusia, the southernmost and largest region of Spain. I would focus on smaller and less well known towns and sites like El Santuario de la Virgen de la Cabeza, Baños de la Encina, Écija, Montejaque, Guadix, Marchal, Salar, Rute, Cabra and Zuheros.
Mon Jul 09 Book Group "Girl Who Smiled Beads" Travel Bug Join us Monday July 9th!

"Clemantine Wamariya was six years old when her mother and father began to speak in whispers, when neighbors began to disappear, and when she heard the loud, ugly sounds her brother said were thunder. It was 1994, and in 100 days more than 800,000 people would be murdered in Rwanda and millions more displaced. Clemantine and her fifteen-year-old sister, Claire, ran and spent the next six years wandering through seven African countries searching for safety. They did not know whether their parents were alive. At age twelve, Clemantine and Claire were granted asylum in the United States. Raw, urgent, yet disarmingly beautiful, this book captures the true costs and aftershocks of war: what is forever lost, what can be repaired, the fragility and importance of memory. A riveting story of dislocation, survival. "
Sat Jul 14 One Woman's Solo Motorcycle Adventure to the Arctic Circle Debby Pearson Stepping Outside the Cage
One woman 's solo journey to the Arctic Circle.
Debby Pearson shares her travelog and pictures of her 10,000+ mile adventure from Boulder Colorado to the Arctic Circle. Trip highlights include; 26 national parks, 17 black bear sightings, 4 grizzly bear encounters and 1 most unusual cocktail. All in 30 days on her motorcycle. ".. stepping outside your comfort zone can often lead to great things... " - Debby Pearson.
Sat Jul 28 Botswana Wildlife Ken Hughes Come to see Botswana 's unparalleled wildlife you 've always dreamed of seeing. Stay for the stunning scenery of Victoria Falls and Cape Town. Eight Santa Feans begin the trip of a lifetime in the little town of Maun, at the edge of the world 's largest inland delta, visiting the Herrero people to learn their way of life. Then it 's on to the Moremi Game Reserve, home to 400 bird species as well as the elephant, zebra, lion, leopard, tsessebe, sitatunga, and other animals. Next stop is Chobe National Park, known for its migrating zebras and the lions, hyenas and cheetahs following them. The park also sports large herds of elephant, wildebeests, warthogs, kudus, impalas, crocodile and hippopotamus, aardwolf and the Klipspringer antelope. The trip moves over to Zimbabwe to witness Victoria Falls, then ends with a week in Cape Town, which narrowly dodged running out of water but is well worth the visit.
Sat Aug 11 Croatia: Crossroads of history Rachel Jankowitz
Croatia: Crossroads of history on the Adriatic Sea.

Croatia was a scene of conflict between the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian
Empires from the 16th to the 19th centuries, and suffered greatly from
armed conflict following the break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Roman
ruins from a much earlier period are also plentiful.

I visited Zagreb, Zadar, the Adriatic Sea and Plitvice Lakes National
Park. If there is any theme to my slightly off-the-beaten-path trip, it
would be Croatians ' love affair with the sea and swimming. Highlights
include kayaks, a cave, waterfalls and four serendipitously encountered
conceptual art installations.