Calendar of Travel Bug Events

We present talks and/or slide shows on travel or geographically related subjects.
Most events are on Saturdays and take place in our store and are free
All begin at 5 PM unless otherwise noted and last for about an hour.
We attempt to have a presentation every other Saturday
Date Category Subject Presenter Description
Sat Dec 16 Booksigning Not Our Day to Die: Testimony from the Guatemalan Jungle Mike sullivan Not Our Day to Die: Testimony from the Guatemalan Jungle
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It was work for Mike Sullivan--a flying job like the ones he 'd done most of his life in many parts of the world--ferrying people, medicine, crops, supplies and almost anything else you can think of among the isolated jungle villages of Guatemala. Life in the farming co-ops there was simple, peaceful, and good, based on bedrocks of family, community, and faith. Then the repression began. A failed attempt at a coup had led to continued fighting between rebels and government, though in areas far from the almost-utopian Ixcan region. U.S. military and CIA intervention helped defeat the insurgency, but the social inequalities that had led to the movement remained, and the revolution went underground. The Guatemalan army, searching everywhere for those who opposed it, increased its control over the isolated jungle area. Co-op directors, teachers, catechists, and then anyone suspected of being one of or assisting the guerrillas was selectively "disappeared. " The army turned to a scorched-earth policy, killing animals, burning crops, uprooting fruit trees, destroying towns, massacring their people. Throughout the Ixcan, those who survived fled. Some returned to their original mountain villages, others crossed the border into Mexico, and a third group survived for sixteen years hiding in the jungle--men, women, and children. Primeval growth took over the land as the war with the guerrilla movement raged on to encompass the entire nation. When finally peace accords were signed, the people of the Ixcan returned. Homes were rebuilt, land reclaimed, the area thrived again. But sixteen years were lost, along with countless lives. For Mike Sullivan, who had returned there when his help was needed, the story of those years--of how the people of the Ixcan survived, and of the many who didn 't--was one that had to be told. In three visits, he conducted the interviews that form this book, talking with the villagers he 'd known long before. At first, they spoke hesitantly, then with the flood force of vivid memory, telling of their first arrival at the Ixcan, the lives they 'd made, and the years of the repression and worse. Their stories are gripping, fascinating, painful--but most of all, deeply human as we witness their struggle to survive and feel the force of the simple values that ultimately carried them through to a new and better life.
Sat Jan 06 Slide Show Himalaya Bound Book & slideshow Michael Benanav Featuring remarkable images of nomadic life in the jungles and mountains of north India, local author and New York Times photojournalist, Michael Benanav, invites you along on a visual journey with the Van Gujjars – a tribe of forest-dwelling nomads – as they trek with their herds of water buffaloes into the Himalayas on their annual spring migration.

Michael traveled with one nomadic family for 44 days, over busy roads and silent trails, across sacred rivers and high alpine passes, herding buffaloes with them, sharing their food, sleeping under their tents, and becoming much closer to them than he ever expected. He came to know his companions well – their joys and their troubles, their hopes and fears for the future, their personal dramas and their perspectives on living in balance with nature. The slide show, and Michael 's new book, Himalaya Bound: One Family 's Quest to Save Their Animals & an Ancient Way of Life, offer an intimate glimpse into a rarely seen world, an age-old culture, and the modern forces that threaten it.

Sat Jan 13 Slide Show Walking & Dining in Brittany France Joe Lewis Experience the little know charm and natural beauty of one of the least visited and most awesome areas of France. The GR34 is an ancient customs trail that stretches over 1200 miles around the coast of Brittany and is the crown jewel in the French Grand Rondonee trail system. Joe was on or around the trail for two weeks in August and shares many of his stunning images of this wild coastline and his adventures eating fresh mussels, foraging black berries, finding ancient burial sites, dancing at Celtic music festivals, tent camping in the rain, a city wide 9 pig roast, and speaking very little french. Please join us for the adventure and you may even win a prize or treat from Brittany. Sure to be educational and fun way to spend an evening in the high desert winter.

Joe Lewis
Sat Jan 27 Slide Show Bicycling South America 6500 miles Erin Azouz New Mexico couple Erin Azouz and Mehedi van Hattum left behind the comforts of home last year to ride their bicycles along quiet backroads from Mexico to Peru. Raising $1 per mile through a successful crowdfunding campaign, they cycled 6,500 miles across ten countries and spent 14 months on the road. They 'll be sharing photos and stories about the hospitality of Latin Americans, unforgettable encounters along the way, and the deep, personal transformations that took place while living in constant motion for over a year.

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Sat Feb 03 Slide Show Lost Kingdom of Happiness (Tentativre) Sonam Dorjee My journey to Bhutan was transformational for me. I want to give Santa Fe the opportunity to learn more about Bhutan and the measurement of Gross National Happiness, which to them is more important than GDP as a measure of the well-being of their country.

Sonam was born and raised in Bhutan and has lived through both the monarchy and the new democracy, supported by the Gross National Happiness Commission. Sonam offers Bhutanese journeys through his family owned company, and his photos and videos of what Bhutan has to offer are outstanding.

I went to Bhutan to explore Gross National Happiness in action and to gather stories and songs for my one performance, “ Be Happy Now” which I have been performing for the past 4 years. Because he is a long time citizen of Bhutan and well known there as a Dr. of Herbology, he was able to arrange private meetings for me with Bhutanese spiritual leaders, artists, and government dignitaries.