Calendar of Travel Bug Events

We present talks and/or slide shows on travel or geographically related subjects.
Most events are on Saturdays and take place in our store and are free
All begin at 5 PM unless otherwise noted and last for about an hour.
We attempt to have a presentation every other Saturday
Date Subject Presenter Description
Sat Feb 22 Renewable Energy in Mongolia Rebekah Kanter "Mongolia is a big country with a big mandate regarding renewable energy. The country 's goal is to supply a full 30% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2020. As of last year, they were upto 28%. Although Mongolia is among the group of the poorest nations in the world, it is one of the richest in terms of renewable resources. The Gobi desert is the second greatest source of solar energy in the world after the Sahara. And Mongolia is situated within the so-called 'wind belt '. What short circuits their noble intentions is its ready access to its coal deposits, one of the greatest in the world. Furthermore Mongolia must act within the socio-geo-political constraints levied by its prodigious neighbors to the north and south, Russia and China. I will discuss this backdrop as well as other constraints while also taking a look at what progress has been made to date with power provision from solar, wind, and water sources. "

Rebekah Kanter
Sat Mar 07 Italy, Through the Lens of a Photographer Tom Coplen Italy, Through the Lens of a Photographer

See Italy through the camera lens as we take you on a photographic journey of a three-week adventure exploring Rome, the Amalphi Coast, Florence and Tuscany! See Capri, Positano, Cinque Terre and many more incredible and beautiful destinations. You will have the benefit of viewing one of the most beautiful and photogenic countries in the world through the eyes of Tom Coplen, owner of BuenaVista Photography an award winning architectural photography company based out of Austin Tx and Santa Fe NM. Our journey will focus on nature, travel, architectural and photo journalism/documentary images. Included in the presentation will be time for discussion and Q/A of photography concepts and techniques if desired.
Sat Mar 21 Four Seasons in Mongolia Shebana Coelho Drawing on her year long Fulbright fellowship in Mongolia, India-born, Santa Fe-based writer/performer Shebana Coelho shares photos and multimedia portraits of encounters with nomadic communities in the buur hodoo, the countryside, including spring in Hentii province during calving season; summer in northern Hovsgol province, autumn herding camels in the Gobi desert and winter in the westermost province of Bayan Olgii - and selects from the city of Ulanbataar as well. She is currently compiling her Mongolia dispatches into a book, "On the Move in Mongolia. "

Sat Apr 04 Antarctica Julia Hagie "Just back from her third trip to Antarctica, Julia Hagie will give a photo-lecture on this amazing land. It may be known as “the birthplace of cold”, but it is surprisingly welcoming during their summer months. The crystalline quality of the light and the subtle colors make it a photographer’s delight. Just south of the Antarctic circle, building size icebergs get sculpted into fantastical shapes and glow with blues and greens. The wildlife is endless. Wandering albatrosses escort us across the Drake passage, occasionally swooping in low to look down your lens. The Falkland Islands, with its wide white beaches, is home to elegant black browed albatrosses and rockhopper penguins. South Georgia Island is the wildlife capital of the south Atlantic, and is home to 500,000 pair of king penguins. Raucous and inquisitive, they fight for more and more space on our SD cards. Five million fur seals, and countless elephant seals also call this island home. The west side of the peninsula changes with the seasons, from pristine white in the spring to penguin covered rocks later in the summer. It’s here that the orcas and humpback whales come within yards of our zodiacs. Photographs can never do it justice, of course, but join us on Saturday, April 4th, and we’ll give it a try. "

Julia Hagie
Sat Apr 18 Sicily Ruins and Cannolis: John Pitts A lot has changed in Sicily over the years, such as the quality of roads, the convenience of lodging and restaurants, etc., but one thing remains, the deep history to be found in its cities and mountains. And lets not forget the unforgettable assortment of deliciously-prepared seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits, and cannoli, of course.

John PItts who will report on 8 days touring Sicily 's main attractions, has spent 10 years in Italy, both studying and working. The tour focuses on many of the archaeological centers which reflect the importance of the island in the long history of the island. Virtually, all the major empires/cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean have left an imprint on the island reflecting the strategic and economic importance of Sicily. The principal stops include Monreale/Palermo (best archaeological museum), Erice (2000 years of history), Selinute and Segesta (countryside Greek settlements), Agrigento with its Valley of Temples, Villa Romana del Casale (best preserved Roman villa with classic mosaics), Siracusa on the sea (Roman amphitheater, Greek Theater), Taormina (views of Mt. Etna and Mediterranean Sea from yet another Greek theater with Roman modifications), etc. Food will feature in the presentation because travelers have to eat and there is lots to appreciate in the local specialties (did I mention cannoli?).