Calendar of Travel Bug Events

We present talks and/or slide shows on travel or geographically related subjects.
Most events are on Saturdays and take place in our store and are free
All begin at 5 PM unless otherwise noted and last for about an hour.
We attempt to have a presentation every other Saturday
Date Subject Presenter Description
Sat Jan 12 The Rare Splendors of Namibia John Pitts "John Pitts, a regular contributor to The Travel Bug lecture series, will speak on a two week trip he organized and led to Namibia in the spring of 2018. This, John’s third trip to Namibia, resulted from a desire to share with a small group the many wonders of this South African country on the Atlantic Coast. Co-leader and Santa Fe resident geologist Kirt Kempter will reveal the ancient and dramatic geologic history of Namibia and they will highlight several world-class rock art sites. The group also visited two surviving tribes native to Namibia, the San (Bushman) and the Himba, and wide variety of wildlife which exists in National Parks, like the Etosha, as well as on private land. The experience may convince you that there is no better place to visit in Southern Africa than Namibia! "
Sat Jan 26 Peru - Corpus Christi Festival Paul Baumann Corpus Christi Fiesta in Cuzco – Peru

When one hears about Peru, people think about Machu Picchu and the Inca heritage. However there is a lot more to experience in Cuzco where the native Quechua and Spanish cultures collided in the 1530s and then melded in a unique syncretic culture where ancient native beliefs are still to be found under a Spanish veneer.
Since 2015 I organize one yearly tour to Peru focusing on the Corpus Christi fiesta in May – June when the people of Cuzco celebrate the Catholic belief on the Body of Christ by having all the Patron Saints of Cuzco parading through the city to pay homage to the image of Christ in the city cathedral. Unbeknown to most is that this fiesta “replaced” the Inca tradition when the mummies of the Inca emperors where taken out in parades through Inca Cuzco where they were revered by the Inca people. The Quechua / Inca deities are still very much alive today through the Andes and Cuzco. Besides introducing you to Cuzco’s biggest fiesta We will visit Machu Picchu , Olantaytambo and other well known Inca sites as well as the less visited site of Tipon.

Biographical notes.
I grew up in the Urubamba Sacred valley on and off in the sixties and seventies. I worked as an archaeologist and tour guide in the Inca Trail in 1980 and in 1985 started working with artisans in Peru importing their crafts for the next 30 years.
Sat Feb 09 Tuscany Brian Edwards As part of his MFA program at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Santa Fe photographer Brian Edwards participated in the AAU Summer Abroad in Florence, Italy, from June through August of 2018. This trip included excursions to other Tuscany locations, including Venice, Montepulciano, Porto Venere, Siena, Pienza, and Cortuno. Brian also visited locations in Puglia including Bari, Alborobello, Martina Franca, and the home of his great-grandparents, Bovino. Brian will show a selection of images from most of these places, some of which will be part of his final MFA degree project, to be completed in the Spring of 2019.

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Thanks so much for the opportunity to show my work at Travel Bug!

Sat Feb 23 Empowering the Solo Traveler Laurie McDonald For an obsessive-compulsive (O-C for short), the idea of traveling is usually nothing more than that, an idea. An O-C actually doing the traveling is a terrifying prospect; we are far too circumscribed and self-regulated to accomplish the planning, get on the planes, find our accommodations at our destinations, and actually enjoy the process. Fold in introversion, and you’ve got a crippling combination. Solo travel? Forget it.
Laurie McDonald, writing as Eva Rome, will give a reading from her book Travel for STOICs: Empowering the Solo Traveler Who is Obsessive, Introverted, and Compulsive and will show slides of objects, places, and products mentioned in her book.
Travel for STOICs is a travel book, a memoir, and a survival manual, but of a different sort. It’s not about which great restaurants to patronize or what sites are a must-see in a given place; it’s about how to master solo travel challenges that happen in between those activities while successfully managing your O-C, introverted self. This book is especially for the STOIC—the Solo Traveler: Obsessive, Introverted, Compulsive—and for those who care about our well-being and happiness. Advice from the Classical world’s Stoics is presented throughout.
“Engaging…adventurous readings of the great Stoic philosophers. Her goal throughout is to empower the introvert, intriguingly stressing the freedom that such travelers can have by striking out alone…oddly inviting…thought-provoking.” –Kirkus Reviews
Sat Mar 09 Greenland Wilderness William Glassley