Calendar of Travel Bug Events

We present talks and/or slide shows on travel or geographically related subjects.
Most events are on Saturdays and take place in our store and are free
All begin at 5 PM unless otherwise noted and last for about an hour.
We attempt to have a presentation every other Saturday
Date Subject Presenter Description
Mon Aug 26 Time Travel Santa Fe 1880 Allen R Steele
Sat Oct 05 Land of the Thunder Dragon - Bhutan Gene Goldberg Land of the Thunder Dragon - Bhutan

The small Kingdom of Bhutan sits balanced in the valleys of the Himalayas, balanced between the giants of China and India, balanced between an ancient past and a modern future, balanced between a manual, rural lifestyle and a digital urban one, between Buddhist traditions and the industrial age. Bhutan is about the same size as Switzerland with about 1/10 the population; 800,000 or about the same as Albuquerque, NM. It is one of the few countries in the world that has been independent throughout its history. The first paved road was built in 1964 and the first foreign tourists permitted in 1974. In 2008 the country became a constitutional monarchy with the adoption of the current constitution and the ascension of the current king, Jigme Keshar Namgyel Wangchuck.

Bhutan ranges in elevation from 318 feet to 28,430. Partly because of this it has one of the greatest bio-diversities in Asia. It is also the only carbon neutral country in the world, a result of low industrial development, few vehicles, and over 60% of its land still being forested.

From 2008 to 2017 Gene made four visits to Bhutan leading Sierra Club Outings there.
Sat Oct 19 Limey Land (Great Britain) Stefan Merdler
Sat Nov 02 Industrial Heritage Sites of the World Sarah Rovang Between July 2018 and June 2019, Sarah Rovang traveled to dozens of industrial heritage sites and over a hundred industrial museums in 14 different countries across 5 continents. From the diamond mines of South Africa, to the high plains of Chile 's Atacama Desert; from the lush, subtropical shipyards of southern Japan, to the verdant mill valleys of Northern England, Sarah 's year of travel spanned a staggering variety of cultural, geographic, and technological contexts. Funded by the Society of Architectural Historians, Sarah 's capacious itinerary was made possible through the H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellowship. This unique postdoctoral fellowship sponsors a year of experiential travel—a kind of updated "Grand Tour " in which fellows select their itineraries based on thematic research interests. An architectural and cultural historian of modernity and industry, Sarah designed a route based around diverse examples of industrialization across the globe. In this presentation, we 'll explore just a few of the most outstanding sites from the trip. From the extraction of raw materials to the mass production of consumer goods including wine, lace, ramen noodles, and even coffins, this voyage into the industrial processes and landscapes of late 19th- and early 20th-century reveals surprising connections to our own economic, climatological, and social concerns today.
Sat Nov 16