Calendar of Travel Bug Events

We present talks and/or slide shows on travel or geographically related subjects.
Most events are on Saturdays and take place in our store and are free
All begin at 5 PM unless otherwise noted and last for about an hour.
We attempt to have a presentation every other Saturday
Date Subject Presenter Description
Sat Jun 15 Ethiopia Tribal and Ethnic Adventures Barbara Wagner "Ethiopia is old beyond imaginings and arguably one of the world 's most exotic countries that very few people ever visit. Towering mountains, sapphire blue lakes and rolling savannas characterize its rugged landscape. An immense variety of plants and animals includes 23 endemic species of birds and the world 's rarest canid, the Ethiopian Wolf.

Ethiopia is 'the cradle of mankind ' with an ancient and often tortuous past whose written history in the language of Ge 'ez goes back over 2000 years. It was during the Axumite Empire in 400 BCE that Coptic Christianity was introduced from Egypt and centuries later Europeans sought out the mythical Prestor John, a Christian king, who was said to be able to change the course of the rivers. Today,

In contrast, are the Omotic tribes of the south who adhere to ancient animistic rituals. Beaded leather skirts and complimentary body painting, feathered headdresses and dramatic scarifications make the Hamar, Bumi, Karo, Bena and Arbore people among the most interesting and outstanding tribal cultures in Africa. More isolated are Mursi whose women wear large lip plates symbolizing worth and beauty.

We invite you to make this land part of your world and life experience. "
Sat Jun 29 Motorcycle Belize Debby Pearson
Sat Jul 13 Umbria Green Heart of Italy Bernard Mansheim Known as il cuore verde d’italia, the green heart of Italy, Umbria sits quietly between its better known neighbors Tuscany and Lazio, the regional homes of Florence and Rome. Umbria is land-locked, one of only four of the twenty regions of Italy. It is quite rural with lush mountainous areas surrounding its verdant valleys filled with olive groves, vineyards, and sunflowers.
Perugia is the largest city in Umbria with over 150,000 residents. None of the other prominent villages and towns approach its size. Nevertheless, who has not heard of Assisi, the home of St. Francis? Or Spoleto, the site of a world-famous annual performing arts venue that has run for over 50 consecutive years. Or Orvieto, famous for its beautiful duomo (cathedral) and production of a famous white wine?
I will take you on a tour of this fascinating, relatively unknown region, with its unique Umbrian cuisine that includes porchetta and truffles; its famous red wine, sagrantino, considered one of the finest vini rossi in the world- only found in Umbria; and its famously flavorful olive oil.
I will describe some historic details of Todi, arguably the best representation of all the ancient Italian hill towns.

It is OK with me if you publicize my email address (, my book "Todi Walking Tours " (which is on consignment at your shop), and my website (, which is currently being expanded.
I will send a photo in a separate email
Sat Jul 27 Neill Mckee Neill Mckee
Sat Aug 10