Books Currently on our New Table

A personal collection of newly released not quite travel books titles we find interesting . .
OH  Title  Category Author (Publisher) Price Pub Date
1  One Hundred Years of Solitude books Gabriel Garcia-Marquez 18.99 Jun 2019
1  Lonely Planets Ultimate Eats 1e Lonely Lonely Planet 29.99 Aug 2018
1  Epic Hikes of the World 1e Lonely Planet 35.00 Aug 2018
1  Going Deep john philip holland and the invention of the attack submarine Histoy Goldstone Lawrence 16.95 Aug 2018
1  Discovering the Mammoth a tale of giants, unicorns, ivory, and the birth of a Nature McKay John J 16.95 Aug 2018
1  Hole in the Wind a climate scientists bicycle journey across the united state Nature Goodrich David 16.95 Aug 2018
1  Atomic Adventures secret islands, forgotten n-rays, and isotopic murder: a jou Science Mahaffey James 17.95 Aug 2018
1  French Exception emmanuel macron - the extraordinary rise and risk Biography Plowright Adam 16.95 Aug 2018
3  Santa Fe Clinton Michael 25.00 Aug 2018
1  Journey Through The Universe a travelers guide from the center of the sun to Science Cosmology New Scientist 18.95 Aug 2018
1  Viking Wars war and peace in king alfreds britain: 789?955 Histoy Adams Max 29.95 Aug 2018
1  Terracotta Warriors exploring the most intriguing puzzle in chinese history Histoy Burman Edward 27.95 Aug 2018
1  Mandela his essential life Hain Peter 14.95 Jul 2018
1  Everyday Adventures 50 outlandish ways to travel without leaving your city 1e Lonely Planet 17.99 Jul 2018
1  Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela Histoy Mandela Nelson 35.00 Jul 2018
1  Little Book of Big History the story of the universe, human civilization, and Histoy Crofton Ian 16.95 Jul 2018
1  Fall of Wisconsin the conservative conquest of a progressive bastion and the f Political Science Kaufman Dan 26.95 Jul 2018
1  Bite-Sized History of France gastronomic tales of revolution, war, and enlight History Henaut Stéphane 26.99 Jul 2018
1  See You Again in Pyongyang a journey into kim jong uns north korea Travel Essays & Travel Jeppesen Travis 28.00 Jul 2018
1  Northland a 4,000-mile journey along americas forgotten border Fox Porter 26.95 Jul 2018
1  Rip the Angels from Heaven a novel fiction Krugler David 25.95 Jul 2018
2  Berlitz River Cruising in Europe & the USA River Cruise Berlitz 23.99 Jul 2018
1  Everyone Wants to Be Ambassador to France 2ne Fiction Humorous Hurt Bryan 15.95 Jun 2018
1  Pharaoh Key Fiction Thrillers Preston Douglas 30.00 Jun 2018
1  Light of the Stars alien worlds and the fate of the earth Science Frank Adam 26.95 Jun 2018
1  Lost in Math how beauty leads physics astray Science Physics Hossenfelder Sabine 30.00 Jun 2018
1  50 Greatest National Parks of the World Millar Aaron 14.95 Jun 2018
1  Debatable Land the lost world between scotland and england Histoy Robb Graham 27.95 Jun 2018
1  Shipwreck Hunter a lifetime of extraordinary discoveries on the ocean floor Histoy Mearns David L 28.95 Jun 2018
1  American Eden david hosack, botany, and medicine in the garden of the early re Science Johnson Victoria 29.95 Jun 2018