Books Currently on our New Table

A personal collection of newly released not quite travel books titles we find interesting . .
OH  Title  Category Author (Publisher) Price Pub Date
1  One Hundred Years of Solitude books Gabriel Garcia-Marquez 18.99 Jun 2019
1  Cold Case Billy the Kid investigating historys mysteries 1e Jameson WC 19.95 May 2018
1  Army of None autonomous weapons and the future of war History Scharre Paul 27.95 Apr 2018
1  Losing the Nobel Prize a story of cosmology, ambition, and the perils of scien Science Keating Brian 27.95 Apr 2018
1  Now I Can See The Moon a story of a social panic, false memories, and a life c Biography & Autobiograph Tallmadge Alice 16.95 Apr 2018
1  Gulf the making of an american sea Pulitzer 2018 Nature Davis Jack E 17.95 Apr 2018
2  Why Travel Matters a guide to the life-changing effects of travel Travel Storti Craig 24.95 Apr 2018
1  Experience Italy 1e Lonely Planet 29.99 Apr 2018
1  God Save Texas a journey into the soul of the lone star state History Wright Lawrence 27.95 Apr 2018
1  Truth About Animals stoned sloths, lovelorn hippos, and other tales from the w Science Life Sciences Cooke Lucy 28.00 Apr 2018
1  Space Barons elon musk, jeff bezos, and the quest to colonize the cosmos Business Economics Davenport Christian 28.00 Apr 2018
1  Hamilton an american biography Williams Tony 19.95 Apr 2018
1  China Mission george c. marshalls unfinished war, 1945-1947 History Kurtz-Phelan Daniel 28.95 Apr 2018
1  Mask of the Sun the science, history and forgotten lore of eclipses Science Dvorak John 17.95 Apr 2018
1  Rescue Board the untold story of americas efforts to save the jews of europe History Erbelding Rebecca 29.95 Apr 2018
1  Rudys Rules for Travel life lessons from around the globe Biography & Autobiograph Jensen Mary K 16.95 Apr 2018
1  Plant Messiah adventures in search of the worlds rarest species Nature Magdalena Carlos 26.95 Apr 2018
1  Hadrians Wall History Ancient Rome Goldsworthy Adrian 25.00 Apr 2018
1  City of Light City of Poison murder, magic, and the first police chief of pari History Tucker Holly 15.95 Apr 2018
1  Castles their history and evolution in medieval britain History Morris Marc 17.95 Apr 2018
1  Meaty essays Literary Irby Samantha 15.95 Apr 2018
1  War on Normal People the truth about americas disappearing jobs and why unive Political Science Publ Yang Andrew 28.00 Apr 2018
1  Thunder in the Mountains chief joseph, oliver otis howard, and the nez perce w History Sharfstein Daniel J 18.95 Apr 2018
1  First Person a novel Fiction Literary Flanagan Richard 26.95 Apr 2018
1  Paris in Stride an insiders walking guide Weiner Jessie Kanelos 27.50 Apr 2018
3  Phantom Atlas the greatest myths, lies and blunders on maps History Historical Geo Brooke-Hitching Edward 29.95 Apr 2018
1  Saudi Inc the arabian kingdoms pursuit of profit and power Sociology Wald Ellen R 27.95 Apr 2018
1  Trajectory stories Fiction Literary Russo Richard 16.00 Apr 2018
1  Our 50-State Border Crisis how the mexican border fuels the drug epidemic acro Political Science Comm Buffett Howard G 28.00 Apr 2018
1  My American Dream a life of love, family, and food Biography & Autobiograph Bastianich Lidia Matticc 28.95 Apr 2018