Books Currently on our New Table

A personal collection of newly released not quite travel books titles we find interesting . .
  OH  Title  Category Author (Publisher) Price Pub Date
1  Wild Lives: Leading Conservationists on the Animals and the Planet They Love Local Author Chodosh, Janie 28.00 Apr 2018
1  Dark at the Crossing Fiction Literary Ackerman Elliot 16.95 Jan 2018
1  Culloden scotlands last battle and the forging of the british empire History Europe Great Royle Trevor 17.95 Dec 2017
1  In the Land of Giants a journey through the dark ages History Europe Great Adams Max 17.95 Dec 2017
1  Our Lady of Guadalupe mother of the civilization of love Religion Anderson Carl 15.00 Dec 2017
1  Illusion of Certainty how the flawed beliefs of religion harm our culture Religion Houk James T 19.00 Dec 2017
1  Most Improbable Journey a big history of our planet and ourselves Science Alvarez Walter 15.95 Dec 2017
1  Wretched and Precarious Situation in search of the last arctic frontier History Polar Welky David 17.95 Nov 2017
1  Millennium from religion to revolution: how civilization has changed over a th History Social History Mortimer Ian 16.95 Nov 2017
1  Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah fear and love in the middle east 25.95 Nov 2017
1  In Tearing Haste letters between deborah devonshire and patrick leigh fermor Literary Collections L Leigh Fermor Patrick 18.95 Nov 2017
1  Counting Backwards a doctors notes on anesthesia Medical Przybylo Henry Jay 25.95 Nov 2017
1  Freya a novel Fiction Literary Quinn Anthony 19.00 Nov 2017
2  Franklin D Roosevelt a political life Biography & Autobiograph Dallek Robert 40.00 Nov 2017
1  Revolution Song a story of american freedom History USA Shorto Russell 28.95 Nov 2017
1  Earning the Rockies how geography shapes americas role in the world History Kaplan Robert D 18.00 Nov 2017
1  Playing with Fire the 1968 election and the transformation of american politic Political Science Poli ODonnell Lawrence 28.00 Nov 2017
1  Last Girl my story of captivity, and my fight against the islamic state Biography Murad Nadia 27.00 Nov 2017
1  God a human history Religion History Aslan Reza 30.00 Nov 2017
1  Quantum Spy a thriller Fiction Thrillers Es Ignatius David 25.95 Nov 2017
1  God a human history Religion History Aslan Reza 28.00 Nov 2017
1  Berlitz Cruising & Cruise Ships 2018 26e Berlitz 25.99 Nov 2017
2  Undoing Project a friendship that changed our minds Science Lewis Michael 16.95 Oct 2017
1  Best European Fiction 2018 Fiction Literary Andriesse Alex 17.00 Oct 2017
1  Indelible Ink the trials of john peter zenger and the birth of americas free p History USA Kluger Richard 17.95 Oct 2017
1  Rooster Bar Fiction Thrillers Grisham John 28.95 Oct 2017
1  Human Acts a novel Fiction Literary Kang Han 15.00 Oct 2017
1  Two-Countries us daughters & sons of immigrant parents Literary Collections Schumann Tina 18.95 Oct 2017
1  Smile a novel Fiction Psychological Doyle Roddy 25.00 Oct 2017
1  Soonish ten emerging technologies thatll improve and/or ruin everything Technology & Engineering Weinersmith Kelly 30.00 Oct 2017