Books Currently on our New Table

A personal collection of newly released not quite travel books titles we find interesting . .
OH  Title  Category Author (Publisher) Price Pub Date
1  Paris, City of Dreams napoleon iii, baron haussmann, and the creation of paris McAuliffe Mary 26.95 May 2020
1  Un American the fake patriotism of donald j. trump Pitney John J., Jr. 21.95 Apr 2020
1  Blissful Feast culinary adventures in italys piedmont, maremma, and le marche Lust, Teresa 27.95 Mar 2020
1  Conquering the Electron the geniuses, visionaries, egomaniacs, and scoundrels Cheung, Derek 19.95 Mar 2020
1  River Master john wesley powells legendary exploration of the colorado river History / Local History Kuhne, Cecil 16.95 Feb 2020
1  Big Nine how the tech titans and their thinking machines could warp humanity Webb, Amy 17.99 Feb 2020
1  Separate the story of plessy v. ferguson, and americas journey from slavery t Luxenberg, Steve 19.95 Feb 2020
1  Manifesto Handbook 95 theses on an incendiary form Hanna, Julian 19.95 Feb 2020
1  Maid hard work, low pay, and a mothers will to survive Land, Stephanie 15.99 Jan 2020
1  Random Walk Down Wall Street the time-tested strategy for successful investing Business Malkiel, Burton G. 19.95 Jan 2020
1  To Shake the Sleeping Self a journey from oregon to patagonia, and a quest for Jenkins, Jedidiah 17.00 Dec 2019
1  Vegan Travel Handbook inspiring ideas and essential travel advice for vegans 1 Lonely Lonely Planet 17.99 Dec 2019
1  Little Ice Age how climate made history 1300-1850 Fagan, Brian 17.99 Nov 2019
1  Rhine Coates, Ben 14.95 Nov 2019
2  Europes Top 100 Masterpieces art for the traveler Rick Steves Steves, Rick 27.99 Nov 2019
1  Scientocracy the tangled web of public science and public policy Science / Ethics Michaels, Patrick J. 19.95 Nov 2019
1  Earthquake Bird a novel Jones, Susanna 16.00 Nov 2019
1  Dreamers a novel Walker, Karen Thompson 17.00 Nov 2019
1  Notre Dame a short history of the meaning of cathedrals Follett, Ken 17.00 Oct 2019
1  Bad Blood secrets and lies in a silicon valley startup Business & Economics / E Carreyrou, John 16.95 Oct 2019
1  Best in Travel 2020 the best trends, destinations, journeys & Best of Lonely Planet 17.99 Oct 2019
1  Where To Go When unforgettable trips for every month Dorling Kindersley 30.00 Oct 2019
1  Universe a travel guide 1e Lonely Lonely Planet 29.99 Oct 2019
1  End of Animal Farming how scientists, entrepreneurs, and activists are buildin Reese, Jacy 17.95 Oct 2019
1  Amazing Boat Journeys 1e Lonely Lonely Planet 25.00 Oct 2019
1  Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off Gloria Steinem 22.00 Oct 2019
1  Never Home Alone from microbes to millipedes, camel crickets, and honeybees, t Dunn, Rob 17.99 Oct 2019
1  How to Disappear erase your digital footprint, leave false trails, and vanish Ahearn, Frank 16.95 Oct 2019
1  Dark Skies a practical guide to astrotourism 1e Nature / Sky Observation Lonely Planet 19.99 Sep 2019
1  Micro Trips 1e Lonely Lonely Planet 22.99 Sep 2019