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Wandering in the Clear Light of New Mexico Sat May 25 Booksigning David Ryan
On Saturday, May 25, David Ryan the coauthor of the most recent edition of 60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Albuquerque will be speaking at Travel Bug about his new book Wandering in the Clear Light of New Mexico.

Wandering in the Clear Light of New Mexico expands upon the themes of exploring and wandering found within the 60 Hikes book to include the entire state. The new book is about places that you can only find in New Mexico and that are compelling enough and important enough to warrant a drive across the country to check out.
To begin, the nation has only 25 UNESCO-designated World Heritage Sites. Three of them are in New Mexico – more than any other state. And when you add in the state’s amazing landforms, distinct sense of place, archaeological sites, and locations of historical and cultural significance, you have an amazing state for wandering and exploring.
Wandering in the Clear Light of New Mexico is for those already living in the state, planning to visit the state, and for those who may have forgotten what makes New Mexico so special.

Author Information
David Ryan moved to New Mexico 25 years ago after hiking the 2180-mile long Appalachian Trail. His time in New Mexico has been spent wandering and exploring every corner of the state. In addition to wandering, he is the coauthor of 60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Albuquerque and is the author of The Gentle Art of Wandering and several other hiking and walking books. He maintains a blog on wandering and exploring at
Bar None Fri May 31 SPECIAL Marti Mills Are you sober, sober curious, pregnant, an athlete, or do not want to partake in alcohol for any reason? At this event I will introduce you to NA drinks that are not only delicious, but also satisfying and healthful.

This event is all you can drink, all inclusive.

At Bar None, our mission is to revolutionize the social experience without alcohol. As a nonalcoholic bar and bottle popup, we are dedicated to creating a lively and inclusive atmosphere. We strive to redefine socializing by offering a diverse selection of thoughtfully curated, alcohol-free beverages, fostering connections and promoting a healthier, more inclusive lifestyle.

This event will include service of shrubs, non-alcoholic spirits, non-alcoholic distilled botanicals and non-alcoholic beer.

$35 per person
Bikepacking The Great Divide- Canada to Mexico Sat Jun 01 Slide Show Sandra Corso The joy of backcountry travelling by bike solo or in a group. 2700mi from Banff, CANADA to Antelope Wells, NM.

Bikepacking the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

The joy of traveling on two wheels in the backcountry. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is one of the longest off-pavement route in world. This 2700+ mi long route with 200,000+ feet elevation gain/loss bike route was stablished in 1997 by Mike McCoy in conjunction with Adventure Cycling Association and REI. The route starts in Banff, Canada and follows the Rocky Mountains thru Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and ends in Antelope Wells, NM. Check out what it takes to organize a long bikepacking trip and all the rewards your experience when riding thru high passes, remote natural scenery and beautiful and remote landscapes.
West Bank Share Back Thu Jun 06 Slide Show Jo C Join us on June 6th to hear from two community members about their recent solidarity trip to the West Bank of Occupied Palestine, where they spent 3 weeks working with a Palestinian-led movement committed to resisting the long-entrenched and systematic oppression and dispossession of the Palestinian population using non-violent, direct-action methods and principles.

This community share back will focus on first hand, on the ground experiences of daily colonial encroachment, harassment, and land theft by settlers and occupation forces in the Masafer Yata (South Hebron Hills) region of the West Bank, as well as ongoing indigenous Palestinian existence and resistance.

Iraq Sat Jun 08 Slide Show Charryl Berger
Yes you can visit Iraq! Not knowing quite what to expect I found myself overwhelmed with spectacular archeological sites, diverse cultures, great food, some of the holiest shrines of Islam, and best of all the warm, friendly, and welcoming people of the Iraqi republic. Travel with me as I learn about the cultures and customs of this ancient land and as I recount my visits to places including the Souq Al Sarai in Baghdad, the beautiful Abbasid Palace, Babylon, an abandoned palace of Saddam Hussein, the holy shrines of Imams Ali, Hussein, and Abbas, meals with the Marshland people, and the twisted minaret of Samarra.
Santa Fe Chess Sun Jun 09 SPECIAL Justin Skliar Learn chess from square one at our event for all ages, featuring instruction on the demo board followed by hands-on practice. You 'll learn about check, checkmate, notation, and how the pieces move to prepare you for casual play around town. Know the basics already? See if you can beat one of New Mexico 's top 10 players......

About the Club:

Santa Fe Chess has been hosting events for years, but it 's seeing unprecedented growth thanks to media coverage and the push into digital marketing. New organizers continue the traditions of weekly practice at DeVargas and Violet Crown, as well as rated tournaments. However, they 've amplified these efforts with beginner-friendly simuls, mall competitions, and lessons to schools and youth groups all over town. The club will continue its success in 2024 by coordinating with Albuquerque organizers, installing permanent chess tables at DeVargas, offering lessons to Big Brothers Big Sisters, and teaching several classes at SFCC. Santa Fe Chess designs its events to be appropriate for all ages and skill levels, with no exclusion based on dues or membership requirements.
Wild Heart: Behind the Scenes Slideshow Sat Jun 15 Slide Show Stacey Kerr Wild Heart: A True Story of Hippies, Healers, and Harleys book: In her midfifties, Dr. Stacey Kerr was diagnosed with osteoporosis and told to play it safe. Instead, she bought her first Harley. Over the next fourteen years, Stacey and her two best friends, Joan Kandel & Kristin Graziano, decided to give the finger to aging gracefully, ultimately embarking on seven epic motorcycle tours throughout the western United States filled with drama, introspection, and pure joy.
Chad Sat Jul 13 Slide Show Sangeeta Sahaya Chad/Tchad has emerged as a "must visit " front-runner for safari goers and adventurers who are seeking a truly off-grid wilderness experience that is crowd-free and has the look and feel of a Classic African safari of the last century.

I’ll explore the southernmost parts of the Great Sahara Desert and its mind-boggling desert scenery– unparalleled rock formations and rock art - think of the US Southwest on steroids!

Almost no one, outside of hard-core safari enthusiasts even knows that Chad offers a first-class traditional wildlife safari experience
OLD SF Assoc Bookclub Fri Aug 16 Book Group Adam Johnson
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Lessons Learned in Zuni: A Pueblo Memoir
May   18    5 pm
Richard Tripp

Richard Tripp, teacher/farmer/weaver/writer, taught high school English on the Zuni Pueblo reservation in New Mexico from 1969-1972. He has put together stories of his teaching experiences in Zuni, tales of learning Pueblo pottery and Navajo weaving, anecdotes of his time living in a remote sheep camp behind the sacred mesa, then living in the pueblo itself and observing many ceremonies.

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