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3 Subterra 2 Powershuttle Plus electronics case THULE 34.95
2 AllTrail X 15L hiking nutria nutria Backpack Thule 109.95
2 Alltrail Hydration 16L faded khaki Backpack Thule 129.95
2 Crossover 2 Laptop Bag 15.6 THULE 269.95
2 Subterra Convertible Carry-on 40L black Thule 250.00
2 AllTrail X 15L hiking obsidian obsidian Backpack Thule 109.95
1 Crossover 2 Laptop Bag 13.3" black laptop THULE 179.95
1 Subterra travel backpack 34L mineral blue OP Daypack THULE 180.00
1 EnRoute Backpack 23L pelican/vetiver Backpack Thule 110.00
1 EnRoute Backpack 26L mallard green Backpack Thule 130.00
1 Subterra 15.6 PC Laptop Bag laptop THULE 109.95
1 Lithos Backpack 16L Black Daypack 16 Thule 69.95
1 Subterra Powershuttle electronics case THULE 29.95
1 Subterra Spinner Carry On BLACK 4 Wheel Rolling THULE 380.00
1 Alltrail 18L pond gray Daypack Thule 79.95
1 Subterra 2 Checked Spinner Dark Slate Luggage Thule 429.95
1 EnRoute Backpack 26L black Backpack Thule 130.00
1 EnRoute backpack 23L Mallard Green Daypack 23 THULE 110.00
1 Crossover 2 Boarding Bag black Thule 170.00
1 Nanum Backpack 25L black Backpack 25 Thule 132.00
1 Construct Laptop Backpack 28L Carbon Blue Backpack 28 Thule 149.95
1 Topio 30L Mens Backpacking Pack Black Backpack Thule 169.95
1 Chasm Backpack 26L Black Backpack 26 Thule 149.95
1 Nanum Backpack 18L black Backpack 18 Thule 110.00
1 Alltrail Hydration 16L pond gray Backpack Thule 129.95
1 Subterra 2 Power Shuttle Mini Packing Thule 24.95
1 Accent Backpack 20L Black Backpack 20 Thule 104.95
1 Subterra 2 Checked Spinner Black Luggage Thule 429.95
1 Subterra Backpack 23L mineral OP Backpack Thule 150.00
1 EnRoute Backpack 30L black Backpack Thule 150.00
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Horses and Culture of Camargue, Southern France
April   13    5 pm
Tony Bonanno

The Rhone Delta of France is home to one of the most amazing horse species in the world, the Camargue horse. For thousands of years this small but powerful equine survived and evolved in the wetlands and marshes of the Mediterranean in an area known as the Camargue. Sure footed, strong, disease resistant, and with great endurance, these horses were the preferred mount of the cattle and sheep herders of the area for hundreds of years.

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