Our hours are limited and we are masked up but still hanging in.
Coffee to go and good selection of new release books.
The future looks a little brighter now and Travel Bug has new plans!

Coming Soon (we are waiting for final government approval)

Travel Bug Brewery
and Taproom.

Local Info

We have all the southwest maps and guides that we can get our hands on. In addition we print USGS detail hiking and exploring maps for anywhere in the united states.

New Books

We founded Garcia Street Books in 1991 and have contiued to stock new books of general interest. Our current plan is to partially revert to a general bookstore - focusing on new releases.

Language Classes

We have offered classes in Spanish, French and Italian aimed at speaking and understanding the language, for many years. If you have never taken a class from us the offer below is a terrific opportunity to see if this works for you.